About Us

Solar Dock is the brainchild of a frustrated environmentalist Simon Scott.

Simon believes that only by working together and using solar systems that are affordable to all business types and all households are we, our Communities and Countries going to be able to make a significant difference to reducing the emissions fromĀ fossil fuel power stations and usher in the low carbon economy.

Micro solar solutions are the next natural step in the solar revolution and low carbon lifestyles will be possible for individuals and business alike with the use of the Solar Dock product and its next generation products.

The Solar Dock is the first cutting edge micro solution for your lifestyle and will enable you to truly live a low carbon lifestyle and charge 30 or more devices every day using only the Sun. We will take the hassle out of installation too with our free sales demonstration and installation survey now on offer (bookings Autumn 2017). Email us and make your future low carbon.