How much does the Solar Dock cost?

What does it cost to protect our planets environment? What does it cost to reduce the spewing of carbon dioxide and polluting toxic gasses from fossil fuel power stations into our environment? By using the Solar Dock for your low carbon lifestyle these challenges will be achieved. Order your Solar Dock now at this pre-launch stage and to save your planet will cost you; £589.99…..Too much to save the world? Pay over 4 months interest free or take our 24 month payment plan? Is 80 pence per day too much to protect the environment and savour our planet for future generations? We don’t think so and we hope you feel the same way?

Order your solar docking station now and lets change the world together………

Email us for your free demonstration meeting and installation survey (uk only). Bookings being taken for Autumn 2017.

What does the solar dock do for you?

The Solar Dock is your low carbon lifestyle product that will charge all your electronic devices all day long and all night long. Charge 30 + products each day or take the portables with you when travelling or working away from the base unit (flights overseas will allow the portable chargers)? Take the whole product with you (not allowed on international flights) and charge everything for more than a week…..

The solar dock is the solar lifestyle product! It is the product to usher in the low carbon society and give you the power to choose……Fossil fuel or solar fuel?

Order yours today and start protecting your planet…….

We have green goals too

We want to protect our planet and replenish the oxygen in our atmosphere by undertaking wide scale tree planting projects and creating insect and animal oasis  on commercial farms.

Help us achieve these goals by donating 30 pence a week for the term of your payment plan and we guarantee 100% of this money will be focussed towards achieving our green goals.