About Solar Dock

About the Solar Dock


The Solar Dock has a main battery pack with 99Wh of available charge in lithium  batteries.
The two portable battery packs integrate with the main battery pack when connected and each offers ample charging while you are on the move. The portable battery packs can (they meet the current regulations) be carried in hand luggage on flights as they are below the max limit of 30,000 mAh.
Wi fi enabled the Solar Dock connects with the Solar Dock APP via your home or office router where you can control the charge parameters of the Solar Dock and manage your charge options.
Four main USB ports offer intelligent charging
Two extra USB ports are offered on the portable battery packs
The Solar Panel offered is 100W.

Inner workings of Solar Dock with proposed changes to prototype.

What does it do?

The solar dock channels electricity generated by a solar panel through the Solar Dock and into any portable electronic device connected to one of the USB ports. The electricity charges the batteries in portable electronic devices intelligently until they are 100% charged and then charge is withdrawn and re-routed into the main battery packs or the MPPT stops the charge from the solar panel.

The channelling of electricity is constant and therefore any device attached will be charged to its optimum level quickly and efficiently. Charge is direct from the solar panel in daylight hours and at night the battery packs charge devices via USB ports.

The Solar Dock is the way to use the sun for your personal and company charging needs.

Markets & Couriers.

The Solar Dock will be marketed in the UK and other countries in 2017 via Direct and re-seller marketing. The Solar Dock will help your business or household to achieve low carbon status which you can use in turn to promote your business to customers or boast to your friends that you are making a direct difference to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Or in other words you are helping protect our planet for future generations to come……

Contact us via the email link and we will keep you up to date with progress and ship your solar dock as soon as they are ready. We will even come and install the equipment for you so you can start saving the environment in 2017. The Solar Dock will fit on your office desk, on your kitchen windowsill or entrance hall table. The size of the solar dock is approx. 165mm x165 mm by 140mm tall so is easily sent by courier. The solar panel is approx. 500mm by 600mm by 10mm thick so once again it can be couriered to you wherever you are.

Together, we will save billions of tons of carbon dioxide being spewed out of fossil fuel power stations when we adopt the Solar Dock technology. Order your Solar Dock today  and Start changing the world for a better future………