About Solar Dock

About the Solar Dock


The Solar Dock draws power from its solar panel mounted on an outside wall. This power is stored and / or distributed to any portable electronic device attached to one of the 4 USB ports.

The USB ports will allow 2.4mA of charge to portable devices from USB port 1 and 2. The USB ports 3 and 4 offer 1.2mA to electronic devices. All charging is intelligent and will allow your electronic device to choose how much power it needs and how fast it will charge.

The SD3 will charge devices such as tablets, iPad, any smartphone, camera batteries, headphones, Vape / electronic cigarettes, torches, Bluetooth speakers, drones, electric toys, MP3 players, iPod, fitness devices, iWatch, electric toothbrushes, hoovers, re-chargeable batteries, any electronic device you use in the office or at home.

In the event of power cuts you can still use the SD3 to charge your devices for up to 4 days (depending what is being charged) because it stores charge in the built in battery pack.