About Solar Dock

The Solar Dock is your way to use the power of the sun for all your personal and company charging needs.

Do you want to protect the environment? Does your organization have an environmental policy aim?

If your answer is yes, then then Solar Docking Station will enable you to make a direct impact on the protection of the environment and consequently the planet……

The Solar Dock gives unlimited SOLAR charging for up to 10 years. Charge every electronic device in your office or home using the Sun. The Solar Dock includes two portable battery packs for charging your telephone, laptop when your away from your office or home. Ideal for businesses with an on the road sales team. Start protecting the environment, start using the Solar Dock as your low carbon lifestyle product!!

Email us now for your free sales demonstration and pre-order opportunity and lets start caring about the world in which we reside. Deliver on your organizations environmental commitments by integrating the Solar Docking Station into your daily business routines whether you are a mini, medium or large organization the solar dock will deliver you an affordable solution.

With hassle free installation…..let us install your Solar Dock for you too. Get in touch for details.

Buy your Solar Dock with just a 5% deposit or utilize our payment plans over 4 months or 24 months.

Lets kick start the solar revolution together….

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What does it Cost

Order your Solar Dock now Pre-launch and save 35% off the RRP.

RRP;     £899.00.

The Pre-launch price now; £589.99

Email us for your free sales demonstration and installation survey (uk only).

Alternatively, choose one of our payment plans over 4 months or 24 months.

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Our Aim

The team here at Solar Dock have grand ambitions.

We want to save our planet from fossil fuel burning that pollutes our environment and cities… We want to join with you to do this and by meeting our long term target of having 30 million Solar Docks in use. We, that is you and us, will all be able to boast that we have reduced the need for 4.2 Billion KWh of electricity production every year.

Fit the Solar Dock into your low carbon lifestyle and start protecting the planets environment today.

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