Why Solar Docking?

The Solar Dock; SD3 model is now in its prototype testing phase which raises a question. Why have we developed this product?

Like you, the team at SD had a problem. The problem of being limited in our ability to access personal products that enable us to make a direct contribution to living in a low carbon world.

We believe that each person has a moral responsibility to his or her children, Partner or Family to make a difference and adopt low carbon products to reduce fossil fuel reliance and change the way we live in the 21st Century. To leave a better world for the next generation! and to stop killing our Planet!

As usual, our societal structures require huge companies and Government to solve such problems. Alas, huge companies look for large profitable solutions that are simply not accessible to you and me.

We believe this is simply not a good enough solution. We want to make a difference, to ease our moral conscience and to empower us to make a difference for the next generation.

We believe the SD3 model is that solution.

The SD3 will enable you to change your lifestyle and take direct action to limit climate change, to limit fossil fuel burning, to limit the damage we are all imposing on our Planet.

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How do I make a difference?



The how is simple. Our FB page; SD3 will keep you up to date with the launch dates so you can start using your SD3.

Use your SD3 for all your charging needs and together our global community will help stop fossil fuel burning in the 21st Century. .


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Our Aim

The team here at Solar Dock have grand ambitions.

We want to save our planet from fossil fuel burning that pollutes our environment and cities… We want to join with you to do this and by meeting our long term target of having 30 million Solar Docks in use. We, that is you and us, will all be able to boast that we have reduced the need for 4.2 Billion KWh of electricity production every year.

Fit the Solar Dock into your low carbon lifestyle and start protecting the planets environment today.

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